• ZeldaMaster64

    I have a theory that could help aid my prediction that the FNAF 4 game will be a prequel to FNAF 2.

    First notice the layout in FNAF 2 Give Cake mini game when the kid that will become the Puppet is killed outside the building as the Purple Guy kills him. Now notice the picture in the FNAF 4 teaser has a window that looks outside to the sky...that's the only game that shows the window while the mini game has a window itself. Read more >
  • ZeldaMaster64

    Hello my name is ZeldaMaster64 and I have a theory and/or prediction. I believe that FNAF 4 is going to be a prequel to FNAF 2.

    1. As you start on your first night in FNAF 2 Phone Guy says, "Uh... you're only the second guard to work at that location. Uh, the first guy finished his week," First week sounds like the characters you play as in the Five Nights game as you get paid. In the first game, where you play as Mike Schmidt, you play the first five nights then you are introduced to the 6th night where you receive no phone calls (obviously), then after surviving the 7th Night, or the Custom Night, you are received a pink slip.

    2. In the second game you play only SIX nights and then Jeremy is moved to the day shift, then comes along Fritz…

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  • ZeldaMaster64


    I have gained permission from the creator of said Wikia to make a Skype call.

    Anybody who is willing to attend please drop your Skype name down below. Do not turn on your webcams, if you have any, for safety purposes. I hope not to have the Chat incident happen. We will talk about FNAF Theories anyone is able to suggest.

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