Hello Everyone! YossiPossi Here, Today I'm here to discuss a theory on who you play as in FNAF 3.

My theory, is that it is SCOTT HIMSELF.

Now you are thinking "What a wacko! Coo Coo!" But hear me out!

Evidence 1 (Weakest): The Map is Scott's Logo upside-down. Check it out here:

Evidence 2: Scott Himself said that Bonnie was the scarriest one, which Springtrap (Or SPRING BONNIE) is the only animatronic in the game that can kill you

Evidence 3: The 6th Night is called nightmare mode, where springtrap is crazy agressive. It is said that Scott had "nightmares" of Bonnie trying to get into his room.

Evidence 4: Scott said that while developing the game, he gave himself accedental jumpscares. Remind you of something (*cough*Phantoms*cough*)

(Edit) (More proof was provided by: [http:// Rebun123]. Thanks!) "But besides that, great theory, another point to support it: Phantom Bonnie isn't in the game." -Rebun123

What do you think? Am I crazy or semi-sane? Say in the comments below! Have a nice day/ Nig-OH GOD FREDDY JUMPSCARE!!!!!

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