Hey Guys! Yossipossi Here! Today I am going to discuss a theory on you shadow bonnie really is.

I belive it is a beta version of toy bonnie. Heres why:

Shadow Bonnie Analyses: 3gim23c.jpg

As you can clearly see from that edited image that I made, Shadow Bonnie does not have a right arm. This can be crazy. Making it so that it cannot be ANY anamatronic from in game. Bonnie's entire structure is different, but Toy Bonnie's right arm is there. The ears disprove anything else, EVEN springtrap.

Toy Bonnie: 5rktAsS.jpg

Ok, next is that Shadow Bonnie has different top row of teeth. The owners thought this would be very non-kid friendly, so they scraped it and used it for parts. Like it's right arm!

Also, because it's not finished and scraped, it doesn't have face recognition software, making it not able to recognize you as an endo skeleton or a criminal. Thus making it have no reason to attack.

Another thing, the hips. The hips in shadow bonnie have folds. They scrapped the idea and made it smoother for the kids.

One more thing, Shadow Bonnie is way taller than toy bonnie. They probably scrapped the idea as it could frighten kids. That, and...    "that glare"...

Thanks for listening! Have any  ideas, hate, or proof? Tell me in the comments below! And rember to keep the music box full or- wait. I forgot to flash the hallwa-AHHHHHHH.

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