This is NOT a theory.

It is a speculation.

No Evidence is supporting this untill furthure notice OR, untill the blog gets burried in the blog posts.

I belive that something will happen in the 4th FNaF game (If there is one) that something happens with golden freddy, and he says "It's Me" because hes trying to tell you that he is the one from the 4th game.

  • Golden freddy is being scrapped*

"Well what are we gonna do to him?" Says Mike

"Scrap him. Hes usless now." the CEO says "Well get better replacements."

  • CEO walks out*

  • Golden Freddy Looks at mike*


"I got this new job at 'The new and improved Freddy FazBear's Pizzaria'"


"OH Goodness! Bonnies at the door!"

  • Mike Closes Left Door*

  • Mike checks 2B and sees poster*

"What the-"

  • Lowers moniter*

Golden Freddy says "IT'S ME (Rember me?)"

(What I said above actually makes sence. Maybe thats why he doesnt say that in FNaF 2 or 3!)

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