Hey Guys! It's Yossipossi with another theory!

I'm skipping striat to it because I dont have alot of time!

The hat poster can be veiwed by going to

When doing alot of tampering, I got this:


So we have Foxy's Ears, and freddy's hat.

Then theres the colored beam. It is yellow. Like chica

Foxy's Ears, Freddy's Hat, and Chica's Yellow tint.

Then, if you brighten it just a little, you get this:


Theres a Blue/Purple beam!

Foxy's Ears, Freddy's Hat, and Chica's and Bonnie's tint.


Check out this OTHER artical about a hidden springtrap in the hat:

Thanks for listening. Let me know comments Blah Blah Blah don't have time and OH GOD THE PU-NOITAERC FO YOJ EHT WONK LLIW YEHT

g00d n1ght

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