To whom who read this blog...Those of you who say Homura, or Larken, or any of the other admins are corrupt...I spend a lot of time in the chat. It is my pass time...I see lots, and lots of spam...And do you know what that spam is most of the time...? ADMINS ARE CORRUPT! Well, guess what...? Admins are not corrupt. You people think they are...but they are not. They are doing whatever they can to keep the wiki safe from vandalizing. But you people who say they are corrupt don't know what the word means. So stop the spamming bullshit, and come into the chat only if you plan on talking. If not, then get your ass and spam out. Most of my other blog posts will not be a real talk, like this, but I felt this was necessary. You better remember this, you spammer assholes, because if I see it, I will alert the admin. And you will be banned!

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