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  • I live in IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • My occupation is Shut yo face.
  • I am Why do you care?
  • WhiteWindGroup5

    Please someone tell me what happening, GF3.5 was not only hacked a few months ago but now his account is disabled and he can no longer log in! This is bullshit, both me and him contacted wikia and they never responded like always!

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  • WhiteWindGroup5

    Our last blog.

    June 15, 2015 by WhiteWindGroup5

    One of these is GoldenFoxy3.5(Charlie Da Awesome)'s blog the other is mine:

    GF3.5: I can't take it anymore everything has gone too far. It has to end.

    WWG: I have no idea what GF saying is going too far or what has to end, But anyway one of our games (Welcome to Charlie's House) is almost done we just have to make more than one animatronic move and add more nights some more models and we're done!

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  • WhiteWindGroup5

    Someone please do something about fnaffangamefan26

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  • WhiteWindGroup5

    I'm sharing this account with GoldenFoxy3.5 sence this is our game company.

    First game:

    I might leave this horrible, terrible, unbelievably bad fanbase because it has gotten way out of hand:

    Gender debut blogs being made more and faster.

    Most of the good people in the fanbase has left.

    Everyone acting out and being extra rude.

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  • WhiteWindGroup5

    SomeGuy: Guaw dis fanart sux.

    SomeGuy2: Y u stupid y u do dat u suck fuk u I cant belive som1 would be mean u faty.

    If someone being a d!ck, DON'T BE A D!CK BACK IT STARTS WARS!

    Same goes for haters just leave them alone, they'll be banned soon and if you start fighting you'll both be banned(I hope or that's just makes no sense.)

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