If this game was made we would all be doomed. 

You are Mike Schmidt as a kid. One day, you visit Uncle Grandpa's Arcade. You see Uncle Grandpa and his friends on the Show Stage and then get worried that they will come alive and kill you. But they do become active, and think your a burger. When they find you, they eat you.  

Animatronic info Edit

Freddy - Uncle Grandpa

The main antagonist in the game. Before death he usually says "I'm walking on hot dogs!". During the power outage, he will play a slowed down, high-pitched music box version of the Uncle Grandpa Theme Song. His jumpscare consists of him putting his hands up in the air and screaming "BWAHHH" loudly, and during his power outage jumpscare he is grabbing the player with his hands saying "Yummy burger". Uncle Grandpa starts moving on Night 3. 

Bonnie - Mister Gus

The secondary antagonist in the game. Before death he says "You guys are weird!". When he's in the vents he says "My favorite food is toast". His jumpscare consists of him lunging at the player. Mr. Gus starts moving on Night 1. 

​Chica - Giant Realistic Flying Tiger

The equivalent to Chica from FNAF. When she's in the vents, she roars. Before death she can be heard making a distorted, garbled, sound similar to radio sounds. It is unknown what she is saying, but it sounds like crying. Giant Realistic Flying Tiger starts moving on Night 1. 

Foxy - Pizza Steve

The equivalent to Foxy from FNAF. He randomly appears in the hallway. If you see him in the hallway you have to flash the light at him and he will restart. Pizza Steve's chances of appearing increases as the week progresses. He starts moving on Night 2.

BB - Beary Nice

A minor antagonist in the game. He can only be seen in 2 cameras feeds, the Playground and the Left Air Vent, however, he can be seen in the hallway too. When he appears in The Office, he will take the Uncle Grandpa Head away from the player and run away with it. After this, the player's night will be in jeopardy. Which can get them killed by Animatronics, specially Pizza Steve. He starts moving on Night 2. 

Springtrap - Frankenstein

Frankenstein becomes active on Night 3. 

Mangle - Tiny Miracle

Description plz


Description plz 

Golden Freddy - Golden Uncle Grandpa

A major antagonist in the game. He randomly appears in The Office and you have to put the Uncle Grandpa head on if you see him. When he appears in The Office, he will say in a distorted voice "Good Morning". If you don't put the head on, he jumpscares you. Golden Uncle Grandpa only appears on Night 6 and the Custom Night. 

The Puppet - Evil Wizard

The equivalent to The Puppet and a major antagonist. In the swamp, there is a giant castle where his starting point is. If he emerges from the castle, there is no stopping him, meaning the Uncle Grandpa Head nor the Backroom will protect the player. His jumpscare consists of him flying toward the player, striking lightning at them. 

Feel free to come up with ideas in the comments. Make you sure you come up with descriptions for Frankenstein, Tiny Miracle and Xarna.

More Animatronics coming soon.

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