So guys... I've been researching, and decided on Mangles true gender: male. So yeah, here's why!

 So, to start things off, we will talk about the thing that everyone goes to first: the makeup. So yeah, this is the main reason (partially) that make people assume Mangle is a girl. Now, to counter. As Phone Guy states, they made Mangle to be more kid friendly, "To keep the toddlers entertained, you know..." Like phone guy says on Night 3. Assuming the circumstances, Mangle seems to be made for the purpose of entertaining kids (obviously) so, he could have possibly been a clown (or something on the lines of that) and wore makeup so kids wouldn't feel so threatened to be around him. Of course, the toddlers couldn't keep their hands to theirselves, and broke Mangle. After the staff got tired of putting him together for so many times, they gave up and made him the Mangle we know and love today.
 Now, the second argument, "Ladies Night". In Ladies Night, Toy Chica, Chica, and Mangle are set to 20. This has led many people to believe Mangle was a girl. However, many others believe that he was just added as a balancer {OH GOD MY EDITOR IS LAGGING XD}. For an example as where this was used before, think of Dounle Trouble. Toy Bonnie and Bonnie are set to 20, and Foxy is added with an AI of 5, due to him being overly OP. He was most likely added to make it more difficult, otherwise it would be too easy. There are so many more things I want to go over, but I'm afraid this blog would explode if I continued.

So yeah, that was my theory. If any of you guys want to add to this or say any problems with it, I would love to hear! Thanks!

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