Hey, guys! First blog post!! WOOOOOO!!!!

Anyway, let's talk about something cool!

Teaser ReactionsEdit

Freddy Poster

Freddy approves!

Ok, so now, my input on all of the teaser pictures that have been released so far.

The HatEdit

"Wait, why is Freddy's hat on the floor? Doesn't he want it back?" [3 minutes of silence while I got on Photoshop.] "Ok, let's brighten this u...w-wh-wha-f-f-fo-fou-FOUR!! THERE'S A FOUR!!!! YES!!!!!!! I KNEW IT!!!

(Yes, that really happened. Don't judge me.)

The Hat (is gone!!)Edit

"Mm-hmm. Yeah, cool. His hat's gone. Yeah. That's great. Yeah."

(So what if I was on my iPhone when I saw it?)

Nightmare FreddyEdit

"What's up with the '8' and '7' on ScottGames? Ah, whatev-WHAT THE??!! WUT THE HUTT IS THAT??!!

(I like the Origami Yoda books. :D)

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