aka Stephanie

  • I live in Blue Island, Illinois
  • I was born on December 1
  • My occupation is use my tablet
  • I am female
  • Venus2000

    Niame: Stephanie

    Animal: human animatronic/toy

    looks: shirt, pants, a cowboy hat, beauty, charm, and good looks

    controlled: her old self

    what happened: went missing after the murder of the murder of the 5 kids on her birthday

    age: 13

    gender: female

    friends: Freddy, chica, bonnie, foxy, toy freddy, toy chica, toy bonnie, mangle, balloo boy, balloon girl, golden freddy, spring trap, phantom freddy, phantom chica, phantom balloon boy, and phantom foxy

    who has a crush on her: mike, jeremy, purple guy, phone guy, fritz, freddy, bonnie, foxy, toy freddy, golden freddy, spring trap, phantom freddy, phantom foxy, and purple guy

    personalety: shy, kind, loving, caring, talented, brave, and popular

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  • Venus2000

    Name: Stephanie

    Gender: Female

    Animal: Human Animatronic/toy

    Apearence: Beauty, Clothes, A great singer,harmless, great with humans, and a great artist

    Jumpscare: hamless

    Controled: her origin self

    What happened: disapeared after the murder of the 5 kids

    How old was she: 4 years old

    Friends: the 5 kids, mike, jeremy, and other animatronics and toys

    Who has a crush on her: 5 male night guards, 5 animatronics, and 1 toy

    partner: none

    status: single

    likes as freinds: boys

    talent: singing and drawing

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