Hey guys! So I have a FNaF 3 theory today! And it's kinda something that I find Intresting....

In one of the minigames Stage01 we can be what looks like Golden Freddy and a fixed version of Springtrap. Now looking at this i belive that this Minigame takes place at FredBears Family Diner. Now saying that could mean Golden Freddy is FredBear and Springtrap is... Well this is gonna be what I'm gonna call that version because... Reasons... Bonbunny! Now it's possible that in FredBears there where 2 animatronic mascots.

Now for whatever reason they replaced the 2 and then used Freddy! It's a chance that Springtrap and Golden Freddy where ditched but Springtrap may have been in a condition to the fact they had to make sure he was in a place that couldn't be accessed by the public. This later gets us to the point where in FNAF 1 (where the night cutscenes seem to take place in) the purple man dismantles them to put Springtrap back together somehow.

After then as we know getting inside Springtrap he's crushed and dies with the souls of the children fading away. Later, his soul then goes to posses Springtrap and attempt to get out but fails. Now if Springtrap was in so much importance why did he need to be seen in the third game only then? Well, if Scott did infact know the story from the start he knew about Springtrap and he knew why he was important. Springtrap was the second mascot and was later redone into bonnie. Springtrap was always the one who was important as he: Was what the killer died in, had some backstory to the diner, was always dangerous as it seems.

As for why Freddy doesn't seem to be of most importance in FNAF 3 that's not really something we'll talk about today.

Anyway that was my theory and I know it makes no sense at all! Trust me, there's a reason to that as... Well... I'm kinda tired and I'm trying to not drown off... Anyway see everyone later for my FNAF 3 review.

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