Guys, I think this NEW teaser on ScottGames may just be something that'll show ONE thing.

Could this NIGHTMARe be FredBear? 0_0

Now I know it looks like Springtrap but the base and look of this nightmare animatronic looks more like FredBear.


The new teaser, upon being brightened it says NIGHTMARE in the backround.

So the question is, could THIS be FredBear? And could we finnaly figure out what happened in FredBears?

Plus, with the tab on scottgames being weird could we see a game answering EVERYTHING left?

But here's the other question, if this isn't Springtrap, but FredBear, then... Then who's possessing the suit?

We'll only find out when more is revealed....

(I know I'm kinda over thinking things BUT.... It's possible)

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