Hey guys! Sharing some facts on Five Nights At Sonic's! Note that some may have minor spoilers! So watch out!

Fact 1: All of the cam images where originally 50x38 pixels. I then resize the image to add other things into it that are much larger.

Fact 2: Knuckles was never going to be in the game until I decided it wouldn't be a sonic fan thing without knuckles.

Fact 3: I made Metal Sonic yellow-ish because of something in the game...

Fact 4: The first games phone calls are being voiced by my Step Bro since I thought it may be funny... I mean... A kid works at a restraunt.... That's not that funny now that I think of it.... Oh well!

Fact 5: I was gonna have Shadow but it seems with my game taking place before Sonic Adventure 2 was released I decided not too.

Fact 6: The phone guy or... Boy... Kinda sounds weird but come on it's an 11 year old voicing him instead of me! C'mon dont blame him! Blame me for letting him agree to do this!

Fact 7: I never was going to make this until I relized that I liked sonic+FNAF+Sonic.exe=FNAS horror

Fact 8: Sonic was gonna be called Vyris.exe (for my friend vyris :) but I realized the other character would get in the confusing section)

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