(Please note this is all just a joke! Nothing should be taken litteratly!)

Freddy: Hello people of the Internet! Welcome to... To... To... To whatever the hell this is!

Nexus: Freddy stay focused!

Freddy: I AM! Anyway, this is a review of the FNAF fandom... A very odd yet very likable fandom! Let's dive in!

  • Segment changes

Freddy: Let's see what something is most common in this fandom! What about the fan-art! Now there is some pretty good fan-art out there and some' scary and some's cute! Now, how can you make something like that bad? Well... Uh... What about whatever the hell people do in their spare time? I'm talking about the ones who make Rule34 BULLSHIT! Personnaly, I've never seen FNAF rule34 myself... Only heard of it... Plus, I was notified someone made a Peice of art that is known as the gif! These things are fun right?

  • Sees the puppet emoticon

Freddy: Uh... WHAT?! WHAT THE FUCK?!

  • Back to segment

Freddy: ANYWAY! These things are very cool and also very funny depending on what it's for... Not gonna go into detail on that. Truly most gifs are epic! Kinda like the ones that GeekSe- Uh... GeekSe- mo- mo... I can't remember... MOVING ON!

  • Next segment

Freddy: How about the fan videos? I'm sure those will be good... Right?

  • Watches a few FNAF videos

Freddy: Ok... They where good... What about anything else?

  • Watches speed art FNAF videos

Freddy: Im not sleeping tonight...

  • Watches how to make FNAF not scary videos

Freddy: Im gonna need a new pair of pants from how hard I laughed... Wait I don't need pants I don't have a d- MOVING ON! The fan videos are good, but there are just a few that bother me... For example when I watched Pawmarks MALK video... Hold on I'll pull it up.

  • Freddy sees Pawmarks channel is gone due to copyright

Freddy: We'll skip that... Moving on!

  • Next segment

Freddy: What about the fan-games? Pretty sure those will be good!mright I mean right?!

  • Plays FNAW and FNATI

Freddy: Scary and very scary...

  • Plays FNAS (game maker) and FNAC

Freddy: What the hell that's exactly FNAF 1 and the other ones impossible to play...

  • Plays TRTF 1 & 2

Freddy: I smell intense copyright... Very intense.... Yes... But not bad! Very Intresting... Very...

  • Plays FNAW 2 and FNAN

Freddy: Guy saved himself sometime by keeping the old Jumpscares... Hm... Ok his name is Nick I get it!!!

  • Next segment

Freddy: Ok last one... This is... Well... Lest Play videos... They're good ok? Most of them don't seem very good but most of them are pretty good... Welp!

  • Review ends

Freddy: Ok I finsihed the review you happy?! Overall I'm gonna say it to rate this fandom I'd give it a 8/10 for obvious reasons... Yeah... Welp I'm out!

  • Freddy teleports away

Nexus: Freddy? Did you really just... Ugh... Welp I'm gonna have to walk home!


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