Inspired by EWWFNaF 3 by Nick the Endoskeleton.

Let's begin!

  • Foxy is out of order yet for some reason isn't deactivated. ding
  • If this pizzeria had murderous robots I get the hell out of there! Ding
  • How are these animatronics not flat on the ground? The weight of the endoskeleton's along with the suits would make them fall over pretty quickly. Ding
  • Talking on a phone with no visible phone? Yeah that's kinda stupid. Ding
  • Freddys mouth and eyes glows during the power outage with a sign of a light inside, yet everywhere else there's no indication of the light. Ding
  • Mike recieved a paycheck with no specific date on it which is actaully a pay check violation. Ding
  • Chica is a chicken and yet as teeth, which is bullshit as real chickens have no teeth. Ding
  • From the looks of everything in the pizzeria this place can't be a place for children yet somehow it is. Ding
  • Phone Guy supposedly dies but from evidence of the third game he lived so did he ALMOST die or was he able to escape? Really I'll keep this sinned until a legit answer is given. Ding
  • If the animatronics aren't suppose to walk around WHY do they have EndoSkeletons that allow that?! That's just stupid! Low budget or not you could replace the legs with wood! Ding
  • Phone Guy won't even talk a little bit more about anything he mentions in his calls, which doing so would be helpful TO the employee. Ding

Sin count: 11

Sentence: Explanations needed

(Yes I'm aware this one is somewhat shit)

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