Five Nights at Wiki's Part 2 

Every night, the Five Night's at Freddy's Wiki is silent. One day, Psychobilly hires a user to guard the Wiki at night. But, unknown to him, Users are still roaming the boards and threads...


The Guard: Fadded

Psychobilly (Phone Girl): Jarl Tank

User: Freddybeard

User: Mangledmeddlingmetal

User: SwizzySwag

User: Forcer96

User: AwesomeHydra999

User: LochNessOtter499

User: Tyrannosaurusdude11

User: Springy Boy

User: Mr. Endoskely

User: TinandCooper

User: Didn'tMangleBeheadYou

User: Mr.dippe759

User: AwesomeHydra999

User: Animetrex

User: Bed head zed

User: Uberheavy

User: ShhlmHuntingWabbits

User: Mr. Mark T'wain


Crawler: Bluesarethebest


1. Normal RP Rules

2. ALWAYS PLAY AS YOURSELF. With the exception of Psychobilly.

3. There are two mechanics, the sword, which kills Users and makes them respawn, and the 3-bullet gun.

4. The Crawler is pretty much something you need to check on at the cams. If he is in your office, quickly stab it with the sword or die.

5. Shenanigans and stuff ARE ALLOWED. Use sparingly though.

6. Respawning is allowed.

7. Despite the name, the nights are unlimited.

8. Users are what their profile says they are.

Ex. SwizzySwag is a living pile of swag.

Or if you don't want, you can base it off your avatar!

Ex. SwizzySwag is a penguin.

9. Psychobilly's calls should differ.

10. As with FNAF, the nights get harder.

Ex. Night One: Freddybeard peeks at you for 30 seconds.

Night Ten: Freddybeard peeks for 6 seconds.

11. The Guard's sword is only used for peeking users.

12. The Guard can only see a user coming when he turns on the lights.

13. The Crawler is pretty much Freddy from FNAF 1.

14. There is an additional mechanic called the Chat Ghost, which functions like the puppet but is winded up by typing random stuff such as:


15. The cams are based off of the Forum Boards. The topmost is the farthest cam, and the lowest is the nearest cam. You can also stand near threads.

16. The Form is like this





Peeky Time:

Movement Path:


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