FANDOM… More than one article says the same article was brought to be by a friend on dA.

Oh please, PLEASE, this better be a joke. I see nothing about this on the Steam pages for any of the games or on Scott's website. Plus it's a freaking dumb move. I love FNAF, but isn't this a little much? We just got a brilliant ending, and now people want to make a movie?  If it's not fake, I have a few things to say.

To start off, we don't need a movie. Five Nights isn't a "make into a movie" kind of game. We have zero human characters, except for Mike, Jeremy, and Fritz. And we don't get any visuals for them, so they don't really count. I am laughing right now, so much. Because this is isn't a good choice or use of film budget, and I'm awaiting the failure that will be this movie. Assassin's Creed might be more suitable, but an Indie point and click is not, especially when the only thing you see is the inside of an almost-empty pizzeria.  Warner Bros. seems like they want to mooch off of the games' popularity. What they fail to realize (or remember) is that game-movie adaptations are rarely ever good.

I'll write more later. For now, give me evidence to prove or disprove this.

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