Once upon a time a trainee nightguard named Tysaylor141 was working on a roleplaying setting, until inspiration hit him like a frozen slushball on a winter day. He immediately began working out the setting based off a suggestion from another user, and after that the characters and is ready to find people to audition for his roleplay.

List Of PartsEdit

Down below is a list of all characters in my RP. Comment down below or MSG me what character you want to be.

  • Fritz Smith -
  • Chica -  ChicaTheChicken360
  • Jeremy Fitzgerald -
  • Foxy -


  • No Excessive Swearing
  • No Arguing
  • Stick To Realism
  • No Dual Roles
  • First Come, First Served

Side QuestionEdit

Should I play a role in my RP, or be an Observer? Comment down below on what role should I have.

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