BEFORE READING THIS: I would rate this an 18+


Fazbear's fright the horror attraction has burned to the ground with a few things remaining, they held an auction and one of the things betted...a box full of Animatronic parts and remains even the correct endoskeletons and a manual, the one who bought it was a man named John (AKA Jigsaw). John was a cruel man who kidnapped people and tried to kill them if they didn't find a key in the right amount of time, now that he had animatronic parts he could have something better to torture his victims with. He used the manual and built the animatronics 2 of these animatronics known as Lockjaw and the Puppet he noticed where smarter then the others...

Present Day.

It was a fine day in July and a girl named Meike (Pronounced Mikey) was outside calling her friend "Why does he like you!!!!!" She yelled to her friend Kate (The same Kate from Slender). "Pfft nobody will marry me after that Robot bit me in the head ITS NO WONDER THEY CALLED IT The Bite of '87" Later that evening when she went to bed. she didn't know that John had plans for her...He and the puppet and Lockjaw had decided a plan "So Lockjaw you and that old bunnie thing (Bonnie) Will kidnap her?" John said. "Yes..." Lockjaw agreed. "Let's go Lockjaw" Bonnie whispered. Meike had a bad dream she woke up then went outside, it was still very dark out. Then Bonnie and Lockjaw crept up behind her...

To be continued in chapter 2 tell me what should happen in chapter 2

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