Foxy is a good guy: I LOATH and I mean it I LOATHE anyone who thinks Foxy is a good guy since His voicebox works just fine. He does not give you a heart attack. Also my friends think that just because in his jumpscare he doesn't grab you meaning he doesn't kill you Yeah that's like saying T-Rex is a chicken just because that they are related

Mangle is female: I hate this too Phone Guy calls him a MALE my friends think that he said Mangle was female but HE DID NOT watch Prettygrumpybear's video on this

Chica caused the bite of 87: No...Just...No

Balloon Boy doesn't exist: How could a hallucination disable a flashlight? And also Fritz sees Balloon Boy and it is EXTREMELY unlikely that 2 people have the same hallucination

Mike is the victim of the bite of 87: Mike's job requires strategy something that the victim of the bite wouldn't be able to make

The FNAF3 guard is female: No when the phantoms attack him he has MALE breathing

(What do you think?)

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