• Toy chica 0303

    There IS and ISNT only one animatronic in fnaf 3, " but toy chica 0303 there isnt only one, what about the phantoms?" u ask.

    WEEEELLL the phantoms jump scare u but they dont actually, kill u. only springtrap can kill you. soooo technically there is and isnt "only one" if u agree with me msg me on my MESSAGE BOURRRDD!!!

    and check out my half way done wikia MC/minecraft so go check it out!

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  • Toy chica 0303

    okay i dont wanna start a internet fued but have u wondered if springtrap is a girl or a boy? well i say girl, i dont know why but i just do. because some jack decided to start a fued about mangles gender so i say let it happen, people gotta fight sometimes.. get back to me on my message wall about what YOU think about springtrap's gender and check out my upcomming Wikia about wait for it... minecraft. if u dont know what that is GOOGLE IT!


    Toy chica 0303 

    (Thank You!)

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