8:09pm EST

So HOPEFULLY by the time I finish this post the website will be up, but anyways I was just bored and remembered seeing a picture on facebook of the new Scott Games picture and waited till I got home to see if it's real, I check my phone, site was unavailble,

I thought it was just bad service or something but AFTERWARDS when I came home I check again and this popped up.

Again googled a website that checks if website is down and got this.

Not sure what to really say about it but I guess I have a wait a few minutes right?  

8:22pm EST So, I checked the website again and I guess it's back up with this new picture of Freddy, pretty creepy. I reccomend you guys to check it out and for people who can't see it, here's the link for easy access cause I love being genorous.

I wonder what Scott has in store for this new game, were there another set of childeren and 2 purple guys? I mean that might be the case with the whole ending for FNaF 3 and all. But it's my theory.

8:31pm SO I checked the website once more, up but I tried saving the image and the image caption Scott put was "4"

So, could it be the "Final Chapter" in movie form or Game? 

Brightening up the image from the website and got this, I can slowly make out the word NIGHTMARE.

MUCH BETTER Now I can really see it. 

What does this all mean guys? 

EDIT: I also added this to my tumblr. (excuse the profanity) 

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