Here I go again with my newer Five Nights at Freddy's timeline.

Before 1987

Take Cake to the Children

  • While Freddy is handing out cake to the children, a child is killed outside the restaurant.
  • The restaurant creates two new costumes, a newer Freddy costume and a newer Bonnie costume (Spring Freddy and Spring Bonnie, respectively), this time with the ability to take the exoskeleton out of the suit, allowing employees to wear them as costumes. These new costumes are colored gold to allow the employees to easily tell which costume is the right one.
  • The costumes are regarded as dangerous, so two new costumes are made, this time with purple colors instead and no exoskeletons at all.

Foxy's Minigame

  • A man wearing purple kills five kids at a birthday party, using the Spring Bonnie suit to lure them away.
  • The first child possesses the puppet animatronic.

Give Gifts, Give Life

  • The Puppet gives the four main animatronics (Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy) the souls of four of the five dead children's souls.
  • The puppet gives the fifth child's soul to the Spring Freddy suit.

Cut Scene One

  • Freddy awakens and is greeted by the Puppet.

Cut Scene Two

  • Bonnie and Chica start to awaken, but can only move their heads.

Cut Scene Three

  • Bonnie, Chica, and Freddy can all move freely now.
  • Due to the disappearances, the restaurant closes.


  • A new restaurant, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, is opened, this time located at a larger location. The original animatronics, except for The Puppet (due to not having fallen apart like the other animatronics), are left in the back room and not used. Newer versions are made to replace them, called the "Toy Models". They are Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, and Toy Foxy. A new animatronic is also created, a balloon vendor named Balloon Boy.
  • Purple guy is hired to work as a night guard at the restaurant.
  • Toy Foxy is constantly pulled apart by the kids, and is eventually left as a pull-apart-put-together toy and renamed Mangle.
  • June 25: The guy in purple kidnaps and kills The Missing Children Incident.


  • Freddy awakens and finds blood everywhere, he then follows the puppet where he finds the box in the Prize Corner oozing blood.
  • The next night Freddy follows the puppet again, but is stopped by purple guy.
  • The puppet gives life to the five new animatronics using the souls of the five dead children.
  • the guy in purple moves to the day shift.
  • Rumors of the restaurant being related to the five missing children begin to circulate.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2

  • November 8: Jeremy Fitzgerald is hired as the new security guard, and on his first night, is slightly bothered by the animatronics. He receives instructions from a guy over the phone.
  • November 9: On Jeremy’s second night, the animatronics begin to get slightly more violent.
  • November 10: Jeremy is attacked quite frequently throughout the night, but decides he can last the week.
  • November 11: The animatronics try constantly to attack Jeremy, almost all night.
  • November 12: Jeremy finishes what he hoped to be his last night, but is asked to work overtime.
  • November 13: During the day, someone steals the Spring Bonnie suit. Police then begin to investigate, and someone (the guy in purple) is relieved of their job. Jeremy works his final night, where he hears about the suit being stolen. He is violently attacked more than any night before. Later that day, Jeremy works a party due to the current day guard being arrested. The Bite of '87.
  • November 14: Friz Smith is hired to be the night guard until the place closes, but is fired due to tampering with the machines. Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza closes, and the toy animatronics, along with the Puppet and Balloon Boy, are scrapped. The old animatronics are saved, however, in case they ever open again.


  • It is decided to reopen using the old animatronics, however the Spring Bonnie suit is still missing, and the Spring Freddy suit is in storage, along with the Toy Models, the Puppet, and Balloon Boy. Also due to lack in budget, they move back to the location that the original Fredbear's Diner was at.
  • The guy on the phone acts as night guard again until a new night guard is hired. He record messages for his successor, however, on his fourth night he is murdered by the animatronics, who think he is the guy who killed them.

Five Nights at Freddy's

  • Mike Schmidt is hired as the new night guard. His first night everything goes okay, but the animatronics start to move around a lot.
  • His second night the animatronics begin to move around more, getting closer to him.
  • He begins to notice the animations are specifically coming towards him but decides to stay the two more nights.
  • He works his fourth night and thinks about how there's only one night left.
  • He works his final night and in the end is paid but is asked to stay for another two nights.
  • On the sixth night he is attacked the worst.
  • On his final night, he changes the settings in the animatronics, and is fired because of it.

Minigames (FN@F3)

  • The Toy animatronics, along with the Puppet and Balloon Boy, manage to find peace with their situation, and manage to free themselves (with the cake representing their finding freedom).
  • The next night, the guy in purple is hired as the night guard again (after having been cleared of all charges and being found wrongfully innocent). Purple guy wears the purple Freddy suit. Freddy leaves the show room and is found by the purple Freddy. He follows the purple Freddy until he is eventually attacked and dismantled by the guy in purple. This happens again to Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy.
  • The fifth child (inside of Spring Freddy) leaves the body of the electronic. He finds the dismantled suits and him and the other souls find purple guy. Panicked, he runs into the closest suit, which is Spring Bonnie. The suit malfunctions however, and he is killed by it. The kids finally move on, leaving the animatronics nothing but empty suits.
  • The guy in purple posses the Spring Bonnie suit.
  • finally, after twelve deaths, it is decided not to reopen a new Fazbear restaurant.


  • A new attraction, called Fazbear's Fright opens based around the legend of Freddy Fazbear.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3

  • A new night guard is hired to work the night shift for five nights. His first night he learns about the new attraction and how everything runs.
  • The next day, the original Spring Bonnie suit is found, and brought in to add to the attraction. Still possessed by the guy in purple, it starts to attack the night guy, getting more and more violent as the night goes on. He also causes the guard to hallucinate, using hallucinations of the other animatronics that were the cause of his downfall. After his sixth night as guard, someone burns the attraction to the ground.