Recently I have been reviewing by past theories wtith my friends, and I added up theories from the internet and mine. They say, Phone guy is the killer. But not so fast hotshot, I'm gonan give you some simple facts.

Fact Number 1: Phone guy dies on FNAF1. If PG is the same one from FNAF2, then that must mean this: If the first PG dies, then the purple man=dead. No. it doesnt mean that at all.

factNumber 2: Same old PG, same old song, it came all right, and it came all right, and it comes all wrong. Meaning, in Fact number 1, if the phone guy already died, shouldn't the purple man die? No. Why, you may ask. Reasons, SO MUCH REASONS. Meaning the PG and the PM are different people. If he was already tried, shouldn't he have a criminal record, and not get accepted into the job? Yes.

Thank you for viewing my theory, comment your opinon in the comments.

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