I'm feeling really productive lately, and I've gotten really into modifying pictures of FNaF with GIMP.

So... Who wants a new profile picture?

One rule: It has to be something I can modify something else to create. Because I suck at creating original images. :P

You can see other such images on my profile, if you want to see what I'm capable of.

EDIT: Sorry guys, but I can't do this anymore. Sorry for getting too much into my personal life, but basically I have to start doing this just for fun. It sounds strange, but all I ever do anymore is do things because I HAVE to do them. (Go to school, take care of my little brother, that sort of thing.)  or that I FEEL like I have to do them. (Like finishing all my FNaF drawings.)

So I'm going to take a break for a while and play Sonic Generations. It sounds stupid even to me, but I'm getting really depressed over this. I hope you understand.

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