A story I made. This doesn't follow FNaF's storyline. FNaF 1's pizzeria. Enjoy it:

Job Interview Edit

There he was, at the door of the newly-reopened pizzeria. He could clearly hear the cheerful screams of the children and the mechanic voices of the robots singing for them. He sighed as he remembered he wouldn't take part of the fun. He would take the night shift, when the kids were sleeping at home and the animatronics were deactivated. Normally, he wouldn't do that, specially because a night guard had misteriously died during his shift years ago, but he needed a job to put food on his table. He entered the building and went to the administrator's room.

The interview was rather quick and simple. Before he realised, he already had the job.

-It's nice to have you joining us, young man. Your shift starts at 12 AM- Frederick Fazbear, the owner, said. The new employee noticed hesitation in his voice, but didn't mind. They shook hands.

-I'll be here. See you tomorrow- He left the room.

-I hope you do- The owner whispered as the door closed.

The Phone Call Edit

12:00 AM. It was his time to shine. He took his keys from his pocket and entered the building. Without the lights, songs and screams, the pizzeria was extremely creepy. The robots seemed to stare at him as he walked past them. What he didn't know is that was exactly what they were doing.

He walked in his office. Small, but he could spend the night there. As he took a seat, the phone ringed.

-Hello? If you are hearing this, you probably took the night shift. If this is the case, that's the worst mistake you could have commited. You probably think this place is a happy and regular pizzeria, but you are completely wrong. Numerous tragedies happened in this place. During the night, the animatronic characters transform, from a cheerful animal band, to restless psychopats. Whatever you do, DON'T let them inside your office. Unless, of course, you want to suffer a painful death. If you finish your first night, quit the job immediately. And kick the owner in his low parts, if you can. Well, I have nothing else to say. But remember: Don't. Let. Them. In.- The call was then cut off by a metallic sound and a scream.

Night of the Animatronic Rampage Edit

He checked the cameras. The robots were all staring at it. They had angry, heartless expressions. He heard a sound coming from his left door and turned on the lights. He screamed as a huge creature with empty eye sockets disappeared in the shadows. Unsure if he was going crazy or not, he checked the Dining Area. The animatronic rabbit and chicken were there, slowly making their way to the hallways leading to the office. He closed both doors.

A deep laugh could be heard. The Stage was empty. He checked the discontinued attraction and jumped. A large red fox was glaring at the camera and quickly ran in his direction. A few seconds later, he could hear hard bangings on the door and a shadow of two ears in the window. The chicken and the bear were in the other hallway, but the creature that had disappeared was nowhere to be seen.

The Puppet Edit

A few hours later, he had 10% of his power. But what scared him the most was the fact that the robots were misteriously quiet at their spots. But he could hear voices. Children's desesperate cries, the scream he had heard at the phone, robotic growls, and a demonic voice whispering "It's Me". He suddenly felt the temperature fall. His hair shuddered. As he looked around the office, he saw two glowing green eyes glaring at him from the ceiling. He freezed as the creature made its way to the light, revealing itself as an old withered puppet, a sad demonic smile covering its awful face.

The monster tried to involve him with its long limbs, pull him to the door, but he resisted. The puppet, at first surprised, let out a horrifying cry, its neck writhing violently. Its eyes glew brighter and everything went dark.

The Truth Edit

He woke up. He was running, but wasn't controlling his body. He felt taller and stronger, as if he was another person. He then realised he was another person. He was dreaming.

He could hear the robots's screams behind him. He was running towards the door, towards freedom.

But suddenly, a yellow version of the pizzeria's mascot appeared from nowhere and grabbed him.

As the bear roared, he woke up. The puppet was looking at him, a sad bright in its eyes. He then realised what had happened what happened to you. You are the night guard who misteriously died- The creature nodded

-That was me. I had a family, friends and a girlfriend, but the animatronics took them from me. I don't want it to happen with you. We can escape together- Its voice was sharp and old, like knifes hitting a rock, but had honesty and sadness.

They looked at each other for a second and extended hands. But, before they could shake them, a light covered the office. When it faded, the golden bear from his vision was staring at him and the puppet, a furious bright in its empty eye sockets.

Two terrifying screams echoed in the dead of night.

The Terrible Discovery Edit

When the first employees arrived in the pizzeria, they found strange that the night guard was nowhere to be seen. They eventually found him laying in the Kitchen, his eyes completely lifeless. A puppet was laying next to him. A tuft of golden fur was resting on his chest.

The staff called the ambulance and it took the guard away. The old puppet was put in storage again. The employees looked at each other, knowing the restaurant was ruined.

The Fateful Meeting Edit

Frederick Fazbear was sitting in his room, his hands covering his face. Five children killed. One costumer without their frontal lobe. Two night guards misteriously dead. All in ten years.

How could that had happened to him?

How could an ordinary pizzeria have so many disasters in so little time?

His thoughts were interrupted by a knock in the door.

-Come in- He said, without looking at who was entering. That was his mistake.

A man in a purple coat entered. He sat in a chair

-Frederick Fazbear. We meet again- He said with a casual but cold voice.

Fazbear looked up and widened his eyes when recognizing the man

-Yes, it's me. Glad you remember- The man said with a wicked smile, pulling a knife from his pocket -We have unfinished business.

(The End?)

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