Ok, many users are doing this, so I guess its my turn:

Countless people here are leaving. I may not like this, but they have their own personal problems: school, parents, moving, and much more.

This is not a problem. The problem is that some are leaving because "the admins are corrupt, overpowered, stupid, and blah blah blah".

Well, let's take a look. Why is this person doing this? Oh, it's because they or their friend got blocked.

"Poor person. The admins suck".

Let's take another look. Why did this person get blocked? Oh, it's because they broke the rules. They spammed, harassed or uploaded unnecessary photos or pages, which means they needed punition.

"But this is not fair"

Oh, no? Well, if the admins weren't so strict, this wiki would be buried under thousands and thousands of pointless theories pages or fanart. I have no problem with fanart, but this isn't the place to upload it!

"They suck because they took down chat"

I don't understand your pain because i've never been in chat, but think a little. While many here joined because of the forums or chat(including me), the purpose of this wiki is giving information about FNAF.


And pay some attention, too. The admins made very clear why they took down the chat. It's because you, trolls, were arguing about stupid subjects and saying unnapropriate things.

"Oh, shut up! You are just a retard kid!"

Retard? Maybe. Kid? Proudly. But who is acting like a retard kid here? You, who are complaining because of something that was already explained many times, or I, who am trying to put some judge inside your head?


Thank you for reading, I seriously hope this blog manages to make things clear.

-The TM4ster Foxer

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