12:00 AM. His job was starting. He needed money to pay the rent, so he grabbed the opportunity when he read the newspaper. A decaying pizzeria with an animatronic band. What could go wrong?

Many things.

If he knew about the tragedies that happened in that place, he would never have accepted that job.

He looked at the camera, in the Stage.

"They are really ugly" he thought "How can children like..."

His thoughts were cut off by a motion. One of the robots, the bear, moved his head to stare at the camera

"What? They are supposed to be off now" And then, the camera feed was covered by static.

"Oh, no! Oh, no!" The camera went back to normal. And the rabbit had dissapeared!

He checked the Dining Area. There he was. How could the robot move so fast? And why was it moving at his direction?

He checked the out of order attraction. The curtains were open! And he heard steps. Heavy steps, of something approaching him very quickly. Desesperate, he punched the button and the door closed, just in time to prevent the fox animatronic from getting in his Office. The furious creature ruthlessy hit the door in an atempt to get in, but failing.

A moaning sound at the door called his attention. He turned the lights on. The chicken was there! He closed the right door. It was still 3:00 AM and his power was slowly ending. He heard deeps laughs. 2 bright eyes were at the Dining Area and the rabbit was at the West Hall.

(Time skip)

Only 1 hour to go! He had 10% of his power, but the robots had left him alone. Or thats what he thought...

5:50 AM. Only 10 minutes left. Just when he thought he would make it, the lights turned off and the doors opened. He breathed heavily. He felt he was going to die. Then, a bright face appeared at the door and a creepy circus music started playing, just to end as quick as it started. He heard the steps again, getting closer and closer.

He had just one chance. He charged through the right door and ran to the pizzeria's entrance. He heard the monsters's screams and their steps, desesperately trying to get him.

Only 2 steps and he would be free.

But sometimes, the world doesnt cooperate.

Sometimes, things go wrong just as you are about to succeed.

A yellow bear appeared at the exit from nowhere, as if walking from inside the shadows. It grabbed him with its huge hand and pulled him to a centimeter or two from its face.

He felt his life force slowly fading away as he looked at that horrifying, lifeless face. He felt the other robots's stares on him, amused by his death. The golden bear roared loudly at him and everything went dark.

Some hours later, the employees found the body laying on the Backstage. None of them could tell why the night guard went there and how he died. They presumed he went crazy with the pizzeria's scary atmosphere and comitted suicide there.

What they didnt know was that the restaurant's old Puppet, laying on the ground, waiting to be put to work, started moving. Its eyes started to glow green, just like the deceased night guard's eyes were some hours ago...

(The sequel)

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