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  • The TM4ster Foxer

    It was technically yesterday due to the leap year, but it's officially today!

    I can clearly remember 3/1/15, when I was on bed with the very same IPad I'm using to type this, thinking on a name to my account (FYI, it was TM4ster Foxy. I don't regret changing it).

    It feels like it was yesterday when I joined my first Roleplay, or when I created my first blog post.

    It feels like it was yesterday when I was messing around with a Foxy plushie image in Photobucket and created the avatar I still use.

    Even though most of the friends I've made here have either departed or are in bad terms with me, I still thank everyone for this fun year.

    While I've kind of "retired" this account, it is still special to me.

    -The TM4ster Foxer, over and out.

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  • The TM4ster Foxer

    Minecraft PE FFP

    November 7, 2015 by The TM4ster Foxer

    Because reasons.

    Dah rooms:


    Kitchen (undoubtedly the best).

    West Hall Corner.

    West Hall.

    Supply Closet.

    Pirate Cove.

    Backstage (don't mind the skeleton head).

    Show Stage (the animatronics's heads are wools because I didn't find the available heads fitting).

    Dining Area.

    East Hall.

    East Hall Corner.

    The Office.

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  • The TM4ster Foxer

    Lately, I've become bored, innactive and, overall, bored of RPing.

    So, yeah, Im officially quitting the Roleplaying Board. I will spectate the ones Im in, but not participate anymore.

    Expect to see me in blogs, message walls or the other forums, though.

    The TM4ster Foxer, over and out.

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  • The TM4ster Foxer

    4000 EDITZ!

    July 17, 2015 by The TM4ster Foxer

    Okay, let's go to another day here in the...wait, 3999 edits? Holy crap, I need to do a blog!

    That's exactly how it started (well, not really).

    Hello, people, TM4ster here, celebrating my 400th edit.

    After 4, almost 5 months here in the wiki, I've reached this milestone. I'm amazed I lasted this long here!

    Well, if anyone is expecting drawing requests, avatars or anything like that, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I suck at all of these activities. I cry everytime (again, not really).

    I want to thank evryone who suported me since I started in March 1st. But mainly for:

    Mangled: Has been an awesome friend since I met her in my first weeks in Wikia. Soooo nice to talk with.

    Golden: Although we haven't talked lately, I still consider her a valuableā€¦

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  • The TM4ster Foxer

    Ok, if you can read, you definitely know what this blog is about.

    You ask me questions.

    I answer the questions of the sexiest ones.

    Its simple, right?

    Random moron#1: ITZ 2 RARD 4 MIII!!!!

    -shots Random moron#1 in the head-Its simple...right?

    Random not-so-moron#1-Yes, it is.

    Great. Now, come on. Asking time!

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