Hello. i am that loser nobody knows or cares about!

But really, at this point, where Scott has stopped making FNAF games and a movie is teased, i think it is time for me to give my opinion on the game, fanbase, and wiki.

FNAF 1-3Edit

I think FNAF 1 was the clearly the best of all 3. with the introduction of the story and this type of gameplay, the game BOOMED in popularity and Bonnie's jumpscare was in a million youtube thumbnails.

FNAF 2 introduced minigames, the toys, and a high difficulty. it also made the story MUCH clearer with purple man and the phone call.

I honestly think FNAF 3 was too rushed because of screaming kids asking for it due to over hype after Pewdiepie's "theory". sure, the game was much scarier than the first 2, the game was mostly used to solve mysteries and debunk a million theories.

Personal rating: 9/10 "great"

The FanbaseEdit

During FNAF 1 was played by Markiplier and other people, (before pewdiepie did) people were much like we are now. making theories that make sense some times. not really any bad ones.

After pretty much everyone who posts videos on youtube played FNAF 2, The Faxy the fax machine worshippers came in with a theory that the fax machine was a good guy. and toy chica "fan art" and fax machine fan art was booming on deviantart. but now, everything is all good with the fanbase now. (well, almost everyone)

Personal rating: 7/10 "meh"

The WikiEdit

This wiki was one of the best wikis i have EVER seen. Funny people came to debate, RP, and other stuff. Sure, there was vandlism for a little, but thats over now.

As for admins, i would like to thank you for working together to create this wonderful wiki and being able to go through all the vandlism and the bad things that happened. As for the good things, they could of never happened with the help of creating this wiki!

Personal rating: 20/10 "would like admins to be in the wiki for the next popular game"


Thank you for actually bothering to reading this!

I think FNAF will only disappear whan the next popular horror game is out. i hope you have a great day today!

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