So, Make your own phone calls!

For any five nights at freddy's game (BY SCOTT CAWTHON, MUST BE OFFICIAL)



"Hello? Hello?" (flashlight sound) "Welcome to your first night in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!" (Moniter Sounds) "I hope you are enjoying your night, Now that is out of the way, Lets learn how to do your job." (Music box sounds) "So the animatronics here do not have a Proper Night mode, So they just freeroam around the pizzaria. So your name is... What is it?" (Moniter goes down) (Paper Sounds) "Oh yeah! Your name is ! Well, Nice to meet you!" (Moniter sounds) "So the animatronics might see you as a Child Molester, Murderer, ETC. So we gave you... A empty freddy fazbear mask! It is used to fool the animatronics if they DO Apptempt to come in your office, But you need to react QUICKLY! Also, There is a music box is the prize corner, You should wind it up every once in a while. It distrace one animatronic, I call it the Puppet." (Flashlight sounds) (Animatronic movement sounds on camera) "Oh, Bonnie just moved..." (Freddy mask sounds) "It's a little stuffy in here, And i don't think it distracts that Puppet thing." (Mask sounds stop) "Well have a nice night!"

More to be posted SOON!

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