If you look on Scott Games website, you will find a picture of a Bonnie, similar to the Freddy we've already seen, and with these words to the left of said animatronic:

Was it me?

I know what you're thinking. What? What may or may not have been him? And wtf is with those claws, dude?!

Well, let's clarify. The name of the picture is called 4, no big surprise there. But take a look at the picture.

FNaF 4 Teaser 2


You see the background? Yeah, there are some weid patterns, or words, or... numbers.
  • cough cough 1987 cough cough*

Now, I know 1987 sounds insane and stupid, but it actually makes sense. If brightened, the closest number to Bonnie looks like an 8. The number on the left looks like it could be a little bit of a nine. Bonnie could be blocking the 7, and the 1 is out of view, but 1987 makes sense.

Was it me? WAS it me? Yes, was, as in past tense. This looks like it could be a sequel to Five Nights at Freddy's 3, and so 1987 was all the way back in FNAF 2. 

You know what I think this means?

You are going to an old, closed off pizzeria, one which is rotting and decaying.

This is the second location, the one before the pizzeria we see in FNAF 2. You're there because you're curious about the history of the place, but the bite of '87 is what really makes you curious.

But these new animatronics, these creepy monstrous animatronics, know why you're there, and that you're so curious about the bite of '87, and so they tease you, especially Bonnie.

You don't know which animatronic did it, and so Bonnie teases you with that phrase.

Was It Me?

Was it Bonnie? Was it Freddy? The only way we can find this out is by waiting for October 31st...

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