Okay lets just get to the point.......FNAF3 who is the purple guy it is most likely the manager or one of the employes. In one fnaf3 minigames where you are freddy fazbear the purple guy comes and dismantles you. The only person that could possibly have the authority to do that is the phone guy. He was talking about the first models of the animatronics. I am also guessing in one of the minigames where you are toy freddy trying to stop the murders following the puppet then purple guy comes and kills you. NOW DOSEN'T THAT MAKE A LOT OF SENSE WHY ALL THE TOYS ARE NOT IN FNAF in fnaf 3 you are toy freddy and purple guy comes and dismantles you! Makes sense aswell the only way he could've dismantled him is if he was a person that knew the design of the animatronics. That means only one thing it must've been the phone guy or an employee. This leads to one thing: The Purple guy must've been jealous of the way all the children loved the animatronics dismantling them and killing the children to make freddy sad. THATS WHY FREDDY HATES YOU BECAUSE YOU WORK FOR THE PURPLE GUY THE GUY THAT MADE FREDDY MAD......

Sincerelt ThePurpleGuyTheory

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