HELLO reader! i am writing this blog on my first impressions on the game "five nights at freddy's". lets get to it then! so my orginal time i heard about this game was before it was even a 'thing'. a friend in my 5th grade class (i wont say his name) told me about a scary horror game that markiplier played. i was more of a fan of tobuscus at the time but i thought 'eh why not?' i waited a few days to check it out because i couldnt remember the name... i honestly thought it would be one of those slenderman  clones or a psychological horror game like never ending nightmares.. i booted up the video and soon enough i watched the entire playthrough... i honestly thought it was fairly scary but i didnt think it was all that.. but i didnt play it myself at the time... fastforward nearly a year later and a fanbase is made, i became part of said fanbase, my best friend got into it without me knowing and then FNAF 2! after watching markiplier play a little bit of it and some theory videos i finally decide to download a demo of fnaf 1. i play it and well im not suprised. then again the playthrough ruined it. thats honestly all. sorry im not good at bloging. im better at fiction storytelling. BUH BYE

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