Hey guys, The Krazy Stew here!

I recently hit 10,000 edits on this Wiki! That's more than on my own Wiki! Then again, my Wiki isn't very big... Anyways, I'd like to thank the RP board for helping me get this far, this quick. I also made many friends along the way!

  • Animetrex
  • Mephistophele
  • Twain'strust
  • Raptordude115
  • Dantolaus
  • Pink Freddy
  • xToy Chicax
  • Freddy's Little Helper
  • LinkMarioKirby
  • HTFCuddles
  • Voladous
  • Mkenz
  • Bluesarethebest
  • Glem3
  • DrasticPark
  • Drago, Lord of Dragons
  • "Phil" (A Wikia Contributor)

And more to be added!

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