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  • I am A MAN
  • TheInpectorGame

    There is TWO purple guy, and there is TWO SpringTrap Suit !

    The spring trap of fnaf 3 is not controlled by the purple-guy ! The suits of Fazbear entertainment needs a body to be alive ! And if there is 2 springtrap, these needs 2 body, and the springtrap1 (purple-guy) want     to insert you in the other suits ( spring trap 2 ). But if you think "But, these 2 suits are the same ! Is just a diferents teeth ! It's a error of Scott !" I will kill you, there is a raison who answers your questions. This is a horror attraction ! The boss find the real springtrap, but create à other more "scary", but, after he dosen't have enough money for build a new ender-skeleton, and there is a emptie springtrap suit ! And the springtrap number one take his pla…

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