If you ask,well,you see,I'm really busy.I'm writing a fanfction about that Corpse Party + Warframe thing on another wikia called the "Anime and Cartoons Fanon Wiki"(I'm not trying to advertise).However,I may still be active here,but only a bit. Completion of episode 10 will let me recover my activity here,but the story isn't finished yet.

Before I go,let's summarize up my experience here.First up,the awesome people I have met:

Jillips Entertainment:Despite a lack of RPing,Jillips is still cool as the Bacon Overlord.Somehow we both got into a Fish VS Bacon war.Also coolest chat mod ever.

Freddybear & LogicalAnalyst47:Two people I met during an RP.They've being contributing to the second part of Dark Forest Roleplay ever since.

Pinkgirl234:A user who is always cheerful and great.She often supported me in the fight against vandalism,mentally.

Psychobilly2422:Coolest admin ever.She helped me out often in special cases.

Didn'tMangleBeheadYou:The best guy who makes stories in blogs. Also an interesting person to talk with in chat.

HTFCuddles:Greatest RPer evah.He's practically in every single RP I'm in.

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