THE FINAL NIGHT! Yeah,seriously,I'm surprised Nikki,Chloe & Zoey made it this far.

The phone call is something like this:

Uh, hello? Hello? Uh, this is just to inform all employees that due to budget restrictions, the previously mentioned safe rooms are being sealed at most locations, including this one. Work crews will be here most of the day today, constructing a false wall over the old door base. Nothing is being taken out beforehand, so if you've left anything inside, then it's your own fault. Management also requests that this room not be mentioned to family, friends or insurance representatives. Thanks again, and remember to smile; you are the face of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

Well,that was short.Nikki flipped the Monitor,and spotted Springtrap at CAM 05. She switched to CAM 06 to play th audio there.

But get this:Springtrap didn't move an inch.

OK,he changed positions,but he didn't move between cameras.That's when the video system failed.(I forgot about random failures.)

But Chloe & Zoey what happened that made the cameras fail.Zoey made her best impression of the cameraman from "Meanwhile 2":

"Camera broken,camera broken,camera br--"

"Be quiet,please!"Chloe yelled(or probably whis-yelled).By the time video got rebooted,Springtrap was in CAM 1...uh...I forgot.But basically,Chloe sealed the vent,but moments later,Springtrap appeared in the hallway.

Nikki played the audio at Cam 02 to lure him away.

Then Cam 03.

But when Nikki soon switched to Cam 04,Phantom Mangle.

But judging from last time,the girls had learned their lesson,and Zoey switched cameras quickly.They retracted the Monitor only to see...

Springtrap staring from the window?

How he get there so fast?DOESN'T MATTER!

Chloe quickly opened back up the Monitor to play the audio at Cam 02,but things happened:

1.Springtrap dashed by right as the audio was played

2.Audio error.Gawd dunnit!

3.The girls saw Springtrap at the doorway when they pulled back the Monitor.

Now,they face the same selection of choices that decided their fate from Night 5.

Either stare at him,or reboot audio.

So,what happened next?

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