Thank you to 2 of my awesome fans,Hayashi-chan and Fox flames,for helping me get this far!

Nikki was getting her stuff from her locker,when out of the corner of her eye,she spotted Brandon(yes,Brandon) walking up to her.

"Hey,Nikki."Brandon started."Have your,err,heard of the fire last night?You know,it burned down an upcoming horror attraction."

"Oh,I know."Nikki replied."Me,Chloe & Zoey used to work there as security guards."

This made Brandon nearly jump off his feet.

"What?!You and your BFFs worked there?As security guards?"Brandon wa ssurprised,really."No wonder why MacKenzie's so upset..."

All of a sudden...

Everything around Nikki & Brandon,except themselves,went into complete whiteness.

None of them had any idea about what's happening,especially Nikki.She was terrified,and hugged Brandon in fear.

"W-what's going on?!"Nikki shouted as she held on.

"I don't know!"Brandon shouted back in response.But then,before any of them could get any more words out,they fell unconscious.

I know,it's short. But just wait until the real Night 1 thing!(Plus,it's FNAF 2,then FNAF 1.)

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