Stupid rename thingy! Ah well, this is Bacon Wars - Episode 1:The Bacon Menace,Part 4. New cast:

Rebun123 as R-3BN

Unfortunately,M2-B2 was unable to repair the hyperdrive systems, forcing the group to land on the remote planet of Bacooine.

Unaware to them, Darth Springy has sent his apprentice, Darth BB, to kill them.

On their search, Obi-Tom befriends young Jillips Baconwalker.Practically,he's a slave boy, whose master is Wattopan, a Toydarian bacon junk dealer.(git gud Demopan.)

Surprisingly, Jillips is gifted with piloting and mechanichal control abilities. He as built a near-completion droid called R-3BN. But fate had one more surprise.

A sample attempt showed Jillips had a strong presence of the Bacon-Force in him, and Qui-Eagle senses this. He remembers that legend told of one person would be the "Chosen One" the one to fulfill his bacon prophecy by bringing balance - light and dark - to the Bacon-Force. Qui-Eagle orcherestates a gamble agains Wattopan - that if Jillips wins the upcoming podrace, he would be set free, and they would get the parts required to repair their ship.

To be continued...

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