However.they were only able to successfully extract a few.Fortunately, it was enough to execute Queen Amidala's strategy.

The plan:

The Grand Bacongan Army acting as a distraction to the bulk of the main Bacon Trade Orgazniation forces, the Baconaboo resistance led by Aki Amidala,, Obi-Tom Baconobi,Jillips Baconwalker and Qui-Eagle would infiltrate Baconeed and liberate it. When Obi-Tom asks how they will get in, Aki says they will take a secret entrance located inside a nearby waterfall. Dary Gunray takes the bait about the Bacongans, tells Darth Springy. , the latter then promptly ordering Gunray to annilhate the Bacongans and the Baconaboo forces, and take over Baconaboo completely. 

And so began the Battle of Naboo.

The Bacongans start up their shields. The Bacon Trade Organization tanks fire first, but they fail to penetrate the shield. They cease fire temporaily. The Trade Organization activates the droids next. These droids march through the shield, destroying the generator and clearing a way for the tanks.. After much fighting against the Organization's droid army, defeat for the alliance seems imminent.

However, victory comes when Jillips takes control of a baconfighter and accidently destroys the Organization's Droid Control Ship, killing the Organization's leader and shutting up the droid army. Meanwhile, the Republic force(with Aki tagging along) fight their way back into the palace and capture Dary Gunray.

At the same time, in the main hangar bay of Baconeed, Obi-Tom and Qui-Eagle engage in an epic baconsaber battle( yeah, baconsabers) against Darth BB.

The losses? Darth BB managed to kill Qui-Eagle during their fight alone, as Obi-Tom was seperated from his master with 4 forcefields. After a close call, though, Obi-Tom manage to get revenge on Darth BB by slicing him in half, and making him fall into a big pit (which he himself almost fell into)

As he ran over to Qui-Eagle, his master's last words mentioned Jillips Baconwalker:

"He is the Chosen One... Train him... and help him bring balance to the Bacon-Force."

Then he died.

At Qui-Eagle's funeral, Mace Bacondu and Foda discuss about the fact that there is always a master and an apprentice among the Fish.

"However we do not know if we killed the apprentice or the master."

"Yes. Find out, we must."

The next day, a huge party was thrown on the planet of Baconaboo to celebrate:

1.The alliance of the humans and the Bacongans

2.The defeat of the Trade Organization

3.The liberation of Baconaboo.

Jillips was among the many people who attend. He was now wearing Bacondi attire, and in his hair, a ponytail - a sign of early Bacondi training.


Be sure to catch Episode 2:Attack of the Baclones, and Bacon Wars:Road to Fish-geneance, where I'm taking this show on the road! (And by that I mean across the entire Wikia network.)

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