After a lot of crashing, overtaking, and of course, a lot of competition, Jillips Baconwalker wins the race and joins the group on their journey.

But then, when they return to the ship...

"GET DOWN!" Obi-Tom suddenly shouted.

Darth BB was attacking them!

Qui-Eagle quickly ushered  the others on to the ship, then ignited his...ummm,lightsaber (I just feel that "baconsaber" isn't really good) to duel against Darth BB.

The battle seemed to go on forever, but soon Qui-Eagle jumped onto the starship as it takes off. BB just stares as the group fly away.

On Baconscant, Qui-Eagle informs master Foda about the mysterious figure he encountered on Bacooine. Since he was obviously good in the arts of the Bacondi, they eventually conclude that it is a Fish - followers of the Dark Side of the Bacon-Force, and were thought to be extinct for a really long time. Qui-Eagle also tells him about Jillips, asking for permission to train him to become a Bacondi.

However, after inital testing, Foda refuses, deeming him too old (OLD?!) for training, according to the Jedi Code. He is also concerned because he sensed that Jillips had a seemingly clouded future and a clear presence of fear in the boy.

To be continued...

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