OK,I did not steal "The Lord of the Bacon" from Tasty Baconstrip. This is Star Wars themed.

Part 2 is out! Link:,Part_2

Many bacon years ago, in a universe far,far away...

(insert Star Wars bacon-themed intro here)


TheBaldEagle as Qui-Eagle Jinn

TheGuyNamedTom as Obi-Tom Baconobi

Jillips Entertainment as Jillips Baconwalker

Focri as Foda

Didn'tMangleBehadYou as M2-B2

Aki-lucky as Aki Amidala

BB The Enragement Child as Darth BB

Springy Boy as Senate(Later Supreme Chanchellor)/Darth Springy

Lebunnie as Le Le Buns

Darytyg123 as Dary Gunray

Psychobilly2422 as Supreme Chancellor Psychobilly Valorum

(More characters to be revealed)

There is a trade dispute between Bacon Trade Organization and the Galactic Bacon Republic's outer systems,causing a blockade on the planet of Baconaboo.Supreme Chancellor Psychobilly Valorum secretly dispatches Bacondi Master Qui-Eagle Jinn and his apprentice, Obi-Tom Baconobi.serving as "ambassadors" from the Republic to meet with Dary Gunray and resolve this dispute. Unknown to them however, the Trade Organization is in league with the mysterious Darth Springy(it should have been obvious but everyone was too stupid).He had ordered Gunray to start this blockade and invade Baconaboo, and also, kill the two Bacondi upon their arrival to the flagship.

But then, during the mission...

Qui-Eagle suddenly shouted out:

"Watch out! Poison gas!"

Thanks to their knowledge of the Bacon-Force, the two are able to survive the gas without harm. Jinn and Baconobi fight their way to the command deck where Dary Gunray is located.Unfortunately, they were locked out, and fleeing was inevitable when 2 Destroyer Droids arrive. Thanks to the Bacon-Force(again), they escape the ship on 2 seperate landing pods, headed for the planet of Naboo where they would be fighting the army of the Trade Federation.

Part 2 coming soon.

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