Guys !!!! The new teaser on is on !!! Go and look!!! I was right!! Toy SpringFreddy is on!!

But THAT was what was coming is whole time? Oh right.. It was big.. Enough to confirm that yes, the old one WAS withered, this one is toy. It is a lot of evidence that supported my theory of the nightmare animatronics being Springlocks. Next I predict is Springtrap, then the trailer, then gameplay teasers.

EDIT:This is actually even more withered than the original Freddy teaser, to the point where it lost it's COLOR. I now say that this is the original SpringFreddy, and Toy SpringFreddy was the nightmare Freddy teaser. Freddy was likely built first, for he was the main animatronic.

EDIT#2:It could also be FredBear. FredBear picked up shadow Freddy's tie and took. It or himself. If this is the case, then maybe the first teaser was SpringFreddy after all, and we are still yet to see Toy SpringFreddy. After all, we were never told that this is a nightmare animatronic.

EDIT#3:A secret code in the file, an aplahbetic one, shows "fredbear". It is indeed Fredbear. Note it doesn't say NIGHTMARE Fredbear. This supports my thoery.

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