aka The Holy Crusader Of Light

  • I live in Somewhere on Earth
  • I was born on January 2
  • My occupation is Living
  • I am Male
  • The.Holy.Crusader.Of.Light

    What if 11/12/87 meant

    it was the 11th of DECEMBER (12)!!! AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO KNEW THAT!!??

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  • The.Holy.Crusader.Of.Light

    Shouldn't we all be concerned that Lbug was going to start a war with Tsoru M? A war is NEVER good. NEVER. And here's a quote from a user called Thuyen: "What do you expect? You were defending Lifeless Troll Turds". Shouldn'y he be banned for breaking a rule? That's all peeps.


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  • The.Holy.Crusader.Of.Light

    I think Tsoru M and I.M.SPYING.ON.U.007 are trying to ruin the wiki by causing what could be called: A 'civil war'. They want the users to turn on each other, possibly ruining the wiki. And I have one more revelation. I think that they are the SAME PERSON!

    1. They both have bad grammar

    2. As Lbug said, they don't post to each other's user page.

    3. The username! He's obviously using another account to 'spy' on us!

    That's why I think they're the same person. You can add other reasons in the comments. Do not let them ruin us!

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  • The.Holy.Crusader.Of.Light

    I think Tsoru M and I.M.SPYING.ON.U.007 are the same people! It could make sense as they haven't posted anything on eachother's user page, they post similar things and I think that the I.M.SPYING.ON.U.007 account is one he probably uses to get people to believe him. That's just my opinion. You all probably have your own. But I think Tsoru is trying to ruin this wiki!

    EDIT: Contact me if u think I'm right..

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  • The.Holy.Crusader.Of.Light

    Greetings all,

    My name is Sir Cadelle La Forag. Defender of Arkheim. I have noticed that everyone is leaving this wiki. I too, will leave soon. But first we must clean up the damage caused by the Flame War...The SECOND Flame war.

    Welcome to the Aftermath of the Second Flame War. Are you ready to confront the pain and suffering caused? We should start by attracting more users to join!

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