Dear Diary,Edit

Today I learned that Bonnie can be an absolute pain in the face. Today, he like flirted with Chica, and I was like "Dude we're animatronics, it would be weird if we dated." But noooo, he still hit on Chica, which got me aggrivated because if the Night Guard saw us, then we would be in prison! So anyways, I walked down to the kitchen, because I just needed to dance with music, and for some reason, that camera is broken so the NG couldn't see my hot dance moves. I decided to show him in person, so I went to the East Hall Corner, where Chica was at the door and I was like. "Dude you're gonna blow my cover." Then I realized her face was stuck to the window, and I was like, what the heck. So the power went out, and I decided to go to the West Hall to show off my sick dance moves, because I wouldn't want Chica getting in my way. So there I was, in the door frame, winding up my music box, so I can disco dance. I then did the boogey-woogey-whatever the heck you do when your arms shake to the NG, but that killed him, and I decided to put him in a Freddy Suit, so it wouldn't look suspicous. After that Bonnie got his head stuck in the toliet, and I complimented him on his wonderful behaviour.Edit

"Congratulations, Bonnie, you're our new Einstein."

And now I have a crowd of kids to entertain, so I'll have to end this entry here. Currently I'm backstage writing this, that's like the only time I go back there, it just freaks me out. Actually, the whole west area scares the living wires out of me. Now let's not get distracted here, I'm ending this entry right now.

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