There are many factors contributing to this and I am just going to go right ahead and say it.

The AdminsEdit

The admins as a whole and most of their decisions - not one admin specifically. So, they disallow the right to create pages, photos and categories. Yes, there are some of said items that shouldn't be created with a malicious intention. But innocent people just wanting to help by making a mere article just saddens me. And the worst part is when a new game is released. They block for one day when you upload pictures, articles and categories. Without warning. I mean, the fuck? Barely anyone checks the rules at the start - why so strict? And don't get me started on when one user created a page without permission - but no! The page stayed up. That's good for the Wikia but against the Wikia's rules. But I don't understand how a user created a legitimate page about The Office without permission and then they were warned. A couple days later, the page is restored. That gets us nowhere. If you are going to stick to the Rules of the Wikia, why not block the user that created the unauthorized page? I bet it was because they were a major editor that the Wikia couldn't stand to lose. But sometimes it's not the admins. It's the users treating them like gods. And if you dare criticize the almighty admins - prepare for an ambush of angry comments! Constructive or not - these users will shot you down. Wikia even states that admins are not to be considered to be in charge. But does that stop the 'Owner' of our Wikia? No. Also, Wikia states you can't own a Wikia. And yet, Billy writes every comment with the tag.


I need to get these sorted out. These include mirrors, sitting in the middle seat of a car, and crowded spaces. This will help with my mental health which clumps into my next statement.

Some grammar sort of thing...Edit

It's a little like obsessive compulsive disorder - if not - it is obsessive compulsive disorder. I'm fine with intentioanl shody gramma'r, but unintentional? Yeah... It is sparking the usage of grammar at most - perhaps all - times. This also is sparking no usage of '1' or '2', having to write 'one' or 'two'. And, abbreviations.


When the bottom two problems are solved, I'll make my return. I will still make short conversations with some friends.

Note: I'm coming back. Don't act as if this is the last time you see me.

EDIT: I will have enough time to make minor comments on blogs.

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