So, Scott's idea of creating a Twitter to stop impersonators was great. Until someone did something extremely similar. We have @real_scawthon and @Iscottcawthon. You see, with @Iscottcawthon, their username is @real_scawthon, while Scott's name is 'Scott Cawthon'.

Now, some skeptics may be saying 'Taz! What if they are Scott?!'

Well, here are my points.

  • Scott uses grammar, and does not shorten words/phrases from example 'you' to 'u'.
  • Scott stated he has not posted a tweet. And, on the legitimate account, he hasn't. The impersonator has posted many tweets.
  • Scott also stated he can't reveal backstory nor lore. The impersonator is posting their theories and passing them off as facts.

Please don't be fooled by look-alikes! Also, please comment on this so it gets to the popular blogs list so more people are aware! Thanks!

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