Taz Da Wolf

aka Tasmania, Taz

  • I live in Well, like most civil people, a house.
  • I am Gender-neutral.
  • Taz Da Wolf

    So, Scott's idea of creating a Twitter to stop impersonators was great. Until someone did something extremely similar. We have @real_scawthon and @Iscottcawthon. You see, with @Iscottcawthon, their username is @real_scawthon, while Scott's name is 'Scott Cawthon'.

    Now, some skeptics may be saying 'Taz! What if they are Scott?!'

    Well, here are my points.

    • Scott uses grammar, and does not shorten words/phrases from example 'you' to 'u'.
    • Scott stated he has not posted a tweet. And, on the legitimate account, he hasn't. The impersonator has posted many tweets.
    • Scott also stated he can't reveal backstory nor lore. The impersonator is posting their theories and passing them off as facts.

    Please don't be fooled by look-alikes! Also, please comment on this s…

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  • Taz Da Wolf
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  • Taz Da Wolf

    Taz be back

    April 28, 2015 by Taz Da Wolf

    Yeah, I'm back. Only for a while, though, not all of my ailments have been solved. Will be here usually, but not like before.

    Taz Da Wolf Message Wall

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  • Taz Da Wolf

    Confirming my leave

    April 25, 2015 by Taz Da Wolf

    There are many factors contributing to this and I am just going to go right ahead and say it.

    The admins as a whole and most of their decisions - not one admin specifically. So, they disallow the right to create pages, photos and categories. Yes, there are some of said items that shouldn't be created with a malicious intention. But innocent people just wanting to help by making a mere article just saddens me. And the worst part is when a new game is released. They block for one day when you upload pictures, articles and categories. Without warning. I mean, the fuck? Barely anyone checks the rules at the start - why so strict? And don't get me started on when one user created a page without permission - but no! The page stayed up. That's good…

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  • Taz Da Wolf

    Anzac Day

    April 24, 2015 by Taz Da Wolf

    Tomorrow marks the hundredth year of the landing at Gallipoli with the thousands of Australians and New Zealanders gave their life for the bay. If were not for their bravery, the Allied Forces would not be able to attack from behind. One hundred years since the Australians and New Zealand Army Corps landed. Lives cut short by a single bullet. Men as young as sixteen, dead. This is just proving how horrible war is. I hope Earth doesn't have another war - but - it is inevitable. All in all; lest we forget.

    Thank you for serving our country.
    Thank you for giving your life for our freedom.
    Thank you for the lives you saved.
    Thank you for the ability to write this now.
    Thank you.

    Lest we forget.

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